Recruitment Finance

Never worry about credit control or payroll responsibilities again.


Why choose Recruitment Finance?

If you are worried about payroll costs, unpaid invoices and the admin required to get everything in order then Recruitment Finance might just be the solution you're looking for. We can advance cash against your temp or placements.

It allows you to meet your payroll costs with the added benefit of taking away the headache of all the associated admin, and chase up outstanding payments. It combines traditional Invoice Finance to remove the hassle of unpaid invoices along with back-office support to remove the administration burden so you can get on with running your business.


How does it work?

Brilliantly. It’s done through a pay and bill system. You input your timesheet information and then we'll release the funds you need in advance to meet your payroll cost.

We can fund up to 95% of your unpaid invoice value, up to £5 million. And because it works as revolving working capital, the facility is always there when you need.

What are the benefits?

Making life easier and business better. Recruitment Finance bridges the gap between the money you’ve got coming in with what’s going out, so you’re always on top of your payroll.

The back office benefits are second to none. We take care of all associated admin whether it’s payroll, credit control or dealing with HMRC. This means you don’t need to waste precious time doing it yourself. You’ll also have access to an easy to use timesheet system.

Who is it for?

Recruitment Finance is a handy solution for any timesheet-related business with wages to pay. It is designed to ease cashflow by releasing funds and streamline the payroll process making it quick and easy to manage.

Why choose Ultimate Finance?

As an independent business ourselves, we understand the need for funding. And we know that every business has their own distinct needs. You’ll have the support of a dedicated Relationship Manager who will work with you to tailor the financing to suit your needs. Everything we do for you is done in-house by our expert team who can respond quickly in any situation; we don’t outsource.

As with all our products it’s competitively priced, with no hidden fees or charges. And we’re quick. Unlike many banks, we won’t give you a mountain of forms to fill or keep you waiting months for a response. No-one has time for that, least of all in the fast-paced world of recruitment. We’ll have a funding decision to you within two working days (though often quicker) and once you’re approved we can have the cash in your account within one working day of your first payroll.

Like you, we work to make businesses better. Over the last 17 years, we’ve lent over £1bn in funding to help thousands of businesses do just that. Let’s see what we can do for you.

How to apply

Applying is quick and easy. All you need to do is fill in a few basic details and we’ll come back to you with a quote.

If you're not ready to apply but would like some more information then you can call our friendly team on 0808 115 4071.


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