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A flexible, long-term business loan for whatever you want, whenever you need it.

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What is the Ultimate Loan?

It’s a flexible business loan that works the way you need it to: Quick application. Competitive rates. Cash in your account the day after approval. Simple repayments over up to 24 months. And no charges if you want to pay back early.

Why take out a business loan?

We’ve found that all businesses, whatever shape or size, take out loans for the same simple reason: to make their business better. Of course, what that looks like varies from business to business. So what’s going to make yours better?

Growth is key to business success, and our Ultimate Loan can provide the quick and pain-free cash injection that can help you achieve that. The funding you need for better equipment, bigger premises or more staff. As and when you need it.

Because our business loan offers fast-turnaround finance, you’re also able to seize any opportunities that come your way. The kind of opportunities that can increase your orders or client base and ultimately your profit.

Whatever the specifics, our Ultimate Loan can give you the funding you need to take your business to the next level.

How much can I borrow with an Ultimate Loan?

Our Ultimate Loan allows you to borrow from £7,500 to £250,000 (subject to status). We make the whole process simple so your business gets the funding it needs as quickly as possible. Once your agreement is signed, we can have the money in your account the next working day, if not sooner.

The business landscape is ever-changing, so if you find during the course of your agreement that you need to increase your loan amount we can easily do that for you, up to your borrowing limit.

A business loan with easy repayments

As far as we’re concerned, paying back your loan should be just as easy as taking it out. That’s why we make our repayments simple; monthly or weekly payments via Direct Debit. This means you never have to remember to make a payment and you are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

The Ultimate Loan works with business needs in mind, so if you want to pay it back earlier that’s fine. We don’t charge early repayment or exit fees, which gives you the flexibility to clear the balance earlier if you prefer.

The interest rates we charge are competitive and based on your business’ credit score. We’re upfront with everything we do, so you’ll be completely clear on exactly what you’re paying and why.

A business loan that’s quick

When your business needs funding, there’s no time like the present. We can give you an instant quote online within seconds via our online tool. Once we’ve done our checks and you’ve signed the online agreement, your funds will be in your account by the next working day.

How to apply

Our online tool will give you an instant quote; UK based companies with an annual turnover of at least £75,000 are eligible to apply. We’ll get our final offer to you as soon as we complete our checks. Once everything is in place simply sign your loan agreement and receive the funds within one business day. It really is that quick and simple.

Why choose Ultimate Finance?

When you’re taking out a business loan, trust is everything. We’ve funded thousands of businesses of all shapes and sizes since we began 17 years ago. During that time, we’ve lent over £1 billion to help businesses get to where they want to be. 

With us, you’ll have the support of a dedicated specialist relationship manager. One point of contact who will take the time to get to know you and your business. 

Find out more about us and our story here.

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