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The word resilience has never been used as frequently as it is right now. Why? Because bouncing back from challenging times, weathering unexpected storms and seeking help when needed are at the core of the SME mentality. When you’re a small business, determination and steadfastness can be the difference between success and failure.

As economists forecast a financial dip, business resilience creeps higher on the SME agenda. We know how damaging the potential consequences could be, and also how important it is to prepare for and withstand any economic decline. Over the past 17 years, Ultimate Finance has been there for small businesses during double dip recessions, political upheaval and long-term economic slumps. We’ve helped clients through these challenges and are well placed to continue to support them.

Resilience is what keeps us all going. We’re here to provide that helping hand for what may lie ahead. From extensive research, to expert advice from industry leaders, our e-book and the wider hub of information; all designed to help you plan for a successful future.

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The Ultimate Guide to Resilience

To help even more businesses, we've created a dedicated e-book filled with top tips, guidance and inspirational pieces so that you too can be prepared when growth opportunities come calling or different challenges arise.

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From our research

To create our Resilience eBook, we surveyed 1,000 businesses to fully understand what resilience means to them.

Here are some of the key findings, but don't forget to download your free copy of the eBook to discover more!

Key Points

  •  77% of UK SMEs are concerned by the resilience of the UK economy
  • The impact of Brexit was ranked the biggest barrier to economic resilience in the UK, amongst SMEs
  • SME owners between 35-44 are the most optimistic with 38% claiming their business could withstand anything
  • Financial security ranks as most critical element for a resilient business, closely followed by good leadership

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Ultimate Finance provides funding that’s fast, flexible and fair, freeing business owners from the pressures they’re under. Every day we help businesses survive and thrive by giving them what they want; more choice, service and breathing space, with less complication, inflexibility and headaches.

Our wide range of award-winning products provides the kind of funding businesses need to fast-track success.

Backed by the might of the Tavistock Group, we’ve helped businesses with over £5 billion in good funding, and are ready to support even more.

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