Trade Finance

We pay your suppliers for the goods while you make the sale - it's purchasing made easy.

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Fulfil big orders and grow your business

Unlocking the funds you need to fulfil your orders takes the day-to-day pressure off your purchasing.

We give you up to 120 days credit to pay local and overseas suppliers, and you just pay us back once the sale is completed.


What our customers say

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Funding that allows you to make purchases and pay suppliers before you've received the cash from the sale.

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It's the perfect fit when needing to pay a supplier up front to fulfill a large sales order or opportunity.

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We pay the supplier on your behalf so you get the goods. Then you pay us back when you make the sale.

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ELIGIBILITY Any UK registered or domiciled business. Must be alongside an Ultimate Invoice Finance facility.
AMOUNT £25,000 - £1m
DURATION Revolving line of credit
INTEREST RATE Competitively priced
FEES Set up and service fees apply
APPLICATION PROCESS Online enquiry and meeting
SECURITY REQUIRED Title to the goods, personal guarantee and debenture
SPEED OF DECISION Within 2 working days
TIMING OF CASH Funding within 1 week
REPAYMENT Once goods are delivered to the customer and invoiced through an Ultimate Invoice Finance facility, or when the customer pays.
PERSONAL SERVICE Dedicated expert trade team
BEST FOR... Making purchases when supplier credit isn't available

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And you'll have the funds within 1 - 2 weeks.

Your questions answered

Trade Finance

What is Trade Finance?

Trade Finance allows you to pay your suppliers and gain 120 day’s credit to receive the goods and invoice your customers.

Who would benefit most from Trade Finance?

Trade Finance is beneficial for any business that buys or sells goods because it bridges the gap between purchasing the goods from your supplier and getting paid by your customer. Seasonal business or businesses that receive large one-off orders also benefit greatly from Trade Finance.

What are your repayment terms?

Trade Finance is repaid as the goods are sold. The quicker you sell the goods, the quicker and more cost effective your repayments will be. To find out more, please get in touch and one of our advisors will be happy to help.

Are there any other benefits to using Trade Finance?

Suppliers love being paid quickly and with Trade Finance you may be able to access the prompt payment discounts that they often make available. These discounts could even add up to more than the fees we charge, meaning that you could actually save money. Also, Trade Finance allows many businesses to take on much bigger orders than they would normally be able to service using their own working capital.

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