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We'll pay you the cash tied up in outstanding customer invoices now. Get your money quicker!

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Let the cash start flowing

Get the money you’re owed quicker. We simply use your sales ledger as an 'asset' that you can borrow against.

Then you get the cash that’s tied up in unpaid invoices - and you don’t even have to chase your debtors for payment, we’ll do that for you!


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We use your sales ledger as an 'asset' that you can borrow against to get the cash that you are owed quicker.

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If you need the money tied up in unpaid invoices but don't have the time to chase debtors for payment.

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It's simple - when you issue an invoice we'll advance you up to 95% of the invoice value within 24 hours. When it's paid, you get the balance.

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ELIGIBILITY Any businesses selling to other businesses on credit
AMOUNT Up to 95% of your unpaid invoice value. Max £5m
DURATION Unlimited - rolling contract
DISCOUNT RATE Competitively priced
FEES Set up and service fees apply
APPLICATION PROCESS Online enquiry and meeting
SECURITY REQUIRED Assignment of invoices supported by debenture
SPEED OF DECISION Decision by next working day
TIMING OF CASH Facility setup within 1 week. Following this, funds are paid within 24 hours of receiving invoices.
REPAYMENT Revolving working capital facility
PERSONAL SERVICE Dedicated specialist relationship manager
BEST FOR... Getting money you are owed quicker

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And we will setup the facility within 1 week. Following this, funds are paid within 24 hours of receiving invoices.

Your questions answered

Invoice Finance

What is Invoice Finance?

Invoice Finance allows you to get the cash you are owed through unpaid invoices. We offer a full support service which means we can manage your sales ledger for you. If you decide this isn't for you, we will simply lend you the money and your customers will never know about us - it can be totally confidential.

Who is Invoice Finance for?

Invoice Finance is for businesses that need to keep their everyday cashflow regular. It takes away the burden and financial constraints of unpaid invoices. 

How much will Invoice Finance cost me?

We charge an ongoing service fee for the management of your ledger and a discount fee (like an interest rate) for borrowing the money. Our fees are competitively priced and totally transparent. 

Do my customers need to know?

Yes, your customers will know about us. However, we do offer a confidential option where your customers will only be aware of us if you tell them.

What if my circumstances change?

Invoice Finance is totally flexible to your business needs so if your day-to-day cash requirements change, just let us know and we’ll work with you to ensure get the fast and flexible funding you need.

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We’re always here to support you and your business in a way that best suits you.


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