Ultimate Loan

Our most popular and flexible business loan for whatever you want, whenever you need it.

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It's a straightforward version of a business loan with monthly repayments and no hidden fees or surprises.

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It's a tried and tested way to fund your business and spread costs over a longer time frame.

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Get an online quote, enter a few details and we'll get in touch with a final decision. Once approved you'll have the money the next working day.

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ELIGIBILITY Ltd companies or LLP's with 2 years minimum trading
AMOUNT £5,000 - £100,000
DURATION Up to 12 months
INTEREST RATE From 1.5% per month
FEES No set up fees or early repayment penalty
APPLICATION PROCESS Online application form and underwriting checks
SECURITY REQUIRED Personal Guarantee
SPEED OF DECISION Easy online application and approval by next working day
TIMING OF CASH Within 1 working day after approval
REPAYMENT Monthly by debit card
PERSONAL SERVICE Dedicated customer support team
BEST FOR... A simple cash loan paid back in instalments

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    • Soft credit check - no credit footprint
    • Secure application with up to £100,000 available
    • Cash in your account same day once approved
    • Flexible payment terms over monthly instalments

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    So we can get to know you better and confirm the right offer.

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    Your questions answered

    Ultimate Loan

    Who would benefit from the Ultimate Loan?

    The Ultimate Loan is perfect for businesses that are looking for a flexible loan, up to 12 months, that they can spend on whatever their business needs.

    How much will it cost me?

    We don’t charge set-up fees or other admin costs*. Instead, we have a set interest rate which will be outlined in your agreement. It starts at 1.5% per month and is based upon your businesses credit score.

    *Late payment charges may apply.

    What are the repayment terms?

    Repayment is a simple, monthly transaction from your debit card. The interest rate we charge is based on a number of factors but it will always be fair and transparent.

    Can I change the loan amount during the repayment period?

    Yes. We don’t charge a penalty for increasing the amount you’re borrowing or the duration (max 12 months).

    What happens if I’m able to repay the loan earlier than planned?

    No problem. We don't charge you any extra for repaying the loan earlier than planned.

    Are there any charges I need to be aware of?

    Charges will only be applied if no payment or communication has been received. Admin charges then apply in part to cover our costs of recovery.

    What is an admin charge?

    Admin charges are only applicable in the following circumstances:


    - For each failed debit card payment attempt a £5 charge will be incurred (max 2 attempts per day).

    - A £20 charge will be incurred for each outbound telephone attempt made after any payment default (max £20 per day).

    - A £10 charge will be incurred for each outbound email sent after any payment default (max £10 per day).

    - If two consecutive payments are missed then a letter will be sent via recorded delivery at a cost of £20.

    - Should we have no response and need to engage a third party debt collection agency, all of their fees will be added to the outstanding balance of the loan.

    What if I don’t meet the payment terms?

    By not meeting the payment terms of your agreement you are effectively in breach of the loan terms that you accepted. As a result, a penalty interest of 0.5% will be applied to your account for each day that a payment is outstanding.

    What is APR and Representative APR?

    APR means annual percentage rate of charge. It is an illustrative rate intended to help you make comparisons against other products. It reflects the annual cost of credit, taking into account the rate of interest and any fees charged for taking out the loan.


    Representative Annual Percentage Rate (representative APR) is based on our reasonable expectations of what customers are likely to receive, taking into account the APRs of past agreements and calculated in accordance with guidelines provided by regulators. Actual rates charged may vary depending on specific characteristics of each loan and borrower. 


    For example, a £15,000 loan repaid over a 12 month period with an interest rate of 18.0% per annum (fixed) the APR would be 36.8%. The total amount repayable would be £17,700.


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