“We found a funder that put the relationship first”

Limited credit history closed funding doors

Westcountry Storage Solutions was founded in 2007 and has grown from one 14,000² ft storage unit, to 13.5 acres across Plymouth, Exeter and Ashburton. The business manages both consumer and business storage issues, from motorhomes and boat storage to warehousing and commercial office leases.

Robert Foss, Managing Director at Westcountry Storage Solutions, says, “When we started the business we had a limited history in regards to credit and finance which meant it was very difficult to gain access to affordable financial support. It was directly impacting the potential for business expansion so finding a good funding partner was vital.”

“Ultimate’s personable approach made it stand out”

Robert was looking for a flexible, understanding partner that would offer the support his business needed, rather than having a rigid, ‘computer says no’ attitude to lending. It was when he spoke with Neil Curtis, Regional Director at Ultimate Finance, that he found the right fit for Westcountry Storage Solutions.

“Speaking with Neil it quickly became apparent that there was a real gulf between the other options available and Ultimate Finance. Despite this being a very niche business, he had an in-depth understanding of our needs and objectives which he could relay to his team,” comments Robert. “It is this relationship and alignment to our requirements which has made Ultimate’s Asset Finance offering a perfect fit.”

The Ultimate customer experience

“Working with Ultimate Finance has been key to the success of Westcountry Storage Solutions as the business certainly supported the rapid growth we’ve enjoyed over the past ten years. The £450,000 Hire Purchase Refinance facility raised funds for additional site development and more containers – both of which were vital for the continued growth of the company,” Robert says.

“I tend to prefer working with local suppliers, but the customer experience Ultimate offers makes it feel like a one-to-one relationship at all times. The team appreciates that we need to react to the changing industry climates quickly and unlike many lenders can make decisions and provide asset-based finance very quickly. This has a huge impact on the business and our ability to meet and exceed objectives.”

“We liked Ultimate Finance’s personal approach immediately. Other providers we’d spoken with were too limited and couldn’t extend their parameters to meet our needs.”

Robert Foss, Managing Director


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