“Our monthly wage bill is 7 figures!”

Business booming but wage bill headaches…

Started just 11 years ago with a team of 12, ResQ now counts household brands amongst its clients and is a leader in the outsourced contact centre sector.

Its success has come at a price though – with 900 employees to pay every month, cashflow demands are high.
Director Nic Marshall needed to find a solution.

“The nature of our business means we don’t have a lot of clients, but we do have lots of people to pay at the end of the month. Our monthly wage bill is now 7 figures!”

We needed someone as agile as us

ResQ was working with an alternative funding company already, but Nic was looking for a business that better understood what they needed.

When he spoke to Ultimate Finance, he knew he’d found a business that spoke the same language.

“We wanted someone willing to get under the skin of our business, to build and support us through our growth. What’s important for us is to have an agile partner who understands us. That’s exactly what we found with Ultimate.”

The Ultimate relationship

Michelle Hoole, Client Manager at Ultimate Finance, said “A healthy cashflow is crucial to their business and it’s been great working with Nic and the team to support them in managing it with the Confidential Invoice Discounting product.”

With Ultimate’s support, Nic can focus on what’s important: growing the business.

“Ultimate has really helped smooth our cashflow out. Funds are always there for us so we can continue to grow. We’re afforded a fantastic service – Michelle can always help us out, and that’s just what we want.”

Business is booming for ResQ – turnover has increased by 70% and EBITDA by 170% in 2016.

“Ultimate has really helped smooth our cashflow out. Funds are always there for us so we can continue to grow.”

Nic Marshall, Director


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