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A fair exchange

Property rental service Capital Living took off almost straight away thanks to the endless ambitions of business owner Adam Goff. “It felt unstoppable in the early days,” says Adam. “The breakthrough was instant, the business flew and we couldn’t get properties fast enough.”

The company quickly established a reputation for providing young professionals with an attractive place to live and guaranteeing rental income for landlords. However, things became more complicated as Adam worked through the early stages of setting up a business, including the challenges of hiring staff, learning HR processes – not to mention dealing with tax and accounting.

“Delayed gratification” is a real feature of entrepreneurship. “You might not gain hugely financially in the early years. But if you provide value to the world, you’ll get paid in the end. It’s about a fair exchange, if you like.”

“To have those extra funds in the business, to accelerate our growth, to get that confidence, to be able to go and execute our plan… I think it would accelerate growth for us.”

Validation of the business

Like most businesses, Capital Living needed finance to expand. But Adam never saw this as a negative.

“I saw getting finance as a validation of the business, a good thing,” he says. “It’s something that some business owners can be a bit scared of – there’s that insecurity about rejection and whether you are confident in the value you’re creating.”

Rather than going to his high street bank, Adam obtained finance from an alternative lender.

“It’s been great.  There’s no negative connotation for me to having some debt from investing in your business, as long as you are in control of it.  It gives you more leverage, helps you get where you want to be faster.  And it’s what we entrepreneurs do, after all – turn money into more money.”

Embracing change

Looking to the future, Adam has plenty of plans.

“We’re growing at around 30% a year now.  We already employ around ten people, but I plan to take on a couple more staff.  We’re doing some strategic planning about expanding into new geographical areas too.”

Of course, there has been – and still is – a degree of uncertainty with issues such as Brexit as well as changes to regulation in the private rental sector.

But Adam is positive. “There’s always opportunity if you look for it.  Change is part of life – but there’s something in it for you somewhere. Yes, the world is moving rapidly. It’s just a question of making sure you keep up!”

More about Adam Goff

Adam Goff has already packed a lot into his early career. This even includes a year’s spell in the army after A-levels which included ‘jungle training in Jamaica’! Adam went on to university in Birmingham and graduated with a history degree. Joining Lehman Brothers on an internship working on the equities trading floor, he could have been set for a career in banking – but decided it really wasn’t for him. From 2006 onwards, he set up a number of his own businesses including one with a new model for selling student event tickets – before founding Capital Living in 2009, which he’s been happy to see go from strength-to-strength ever since.

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Good Funding for Capital Living

To grow, Adam needs more properties, so our Bridging Loan opens the doors to many more opportunities. We simply take care of the property funding that gives him the breathing space to secure the long-term property finance. It means he can snap up the right place whenever he finds it.

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