Over-three quarters of SMEs are suffering from loneliness in the UK

The health of a business depends on many things

From managing cash flow to tackling late payments, all the while acting as the cleaner, the website developer and the CEO means the many things that SME owners must deal with on a day-to-day basis can be seemingly never-ending.

We hear from many of our customers that the passion they feel for what they do far outweighs the challenges. But that doesn’t mean that things aren’t tough at the top. We recently conducted research into SME wellbeing and found that loneliness was affecting many small business owners. In our opinion, it’s too many so we are sharing the results of our research as a call to action to the wider business community to come together and support the wellbeing of the UK’s SMEs. Because we know that healthy businesses ARE run by happy SMEs who are supported to grow and reach their potential.

Running a small business can be detrimental to your physical health

Getting a work/life balance can be difficult for many small business owners, but our research reveals just how important it is to get it right for your physical health.


Why business owners must prioritise their wellbeing

With the success of a business on your shoulders sometimes your wellbeing can take a back seat, but there are a few ways you can improve this.

Does it have to be lonely at the top?

For all the rewards and satisfaction of watching your business grow, there are bound to be moments when it all feels like hard going.

Put your own wellbeing on the agenda

There are lots of great things about running your own business, but there are lots of harder things too like a sense of isolation and everything being on you.


I won’t be home this Christmas

Spending time with friends and family is an important part of Christmas, but many small business owners won't get this opportunity due to heavy work loads.

From our research

73% of UK SME owners admit to feeling lonely.

Three quarters don’t know who to turn to when things get tough.

60% don’t believe there is enough support for UK SMEs looking to expand.

Eastern regions of the UK (East England, East Midlands and North East) are the loneliest for SME, with small business owners feeling as much as 20% more isolated than their peers in the west of the country.

Other findings

Lonely people are 30% more likely to suffer from a stroke or heart disease. Source: University of York study.

An estimated 442,000 individuals in Britain believed that they were experiencing work-related stress at a level that was making them ill. Source: National Statistics, Labour Force Survey, 2007/08.

Stress and other mental health problems are the second biggest cause of sickness absence, accounting for 70 million lost working days every year. Souce: Mind’s Workplace Wellbeing Index 2016/2017.

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