Ultimate Finance launches fastest business loan

Ron Robson, CEO, discusses the new Cash Advance loan

ULTIMATE FINANCE is delighted to announce the UK’s fastest business loan. Taking just 11 minutes and 16 seconds to receive the money, the new Cash Advance offers fast, flexible solutions to cover short-term funding needs or take advantage of unexpected business opportunities.

As an agile independent business ourselves, we know that one day SMEs have all the cash they need and the next an urgent requirement for £25,000 to meet an opportunity or cover an unexpected shortfall that comes up.

It’s a challenge faced by dozens of small business owners up and down the country, many of whom are left frustrated by long, drawn-out traditional loan applications. How many businesses have lost out on a deal because they needed quick cash? We don’t have the answer but anecdotally we’ve heard time and again the need for faster access to short-term funds; essentially a slow loan is as good as no loan.

So, we’ve tackled the challenge head on. Part of our new digital loan platform, the application process for the pre-approved Cash Advance loan takes just six to eight minutes with the cash being released in minutes.

Customers pay back their loan in a simple, single instalment within an agreed 30, 60 or 90-day period – whatever best suits you.

Steve Jones, Managing Director of Edspace – one of the first Cash Advance loan customers – commented: “Funding expansion is our main problem. Especially during school holidays as our customers are not available to process our invoices. Recently, we were waiting for £21,000 to arrive from two schools after completing our work for them”. An interruption in cash flow like this can then have a knock-on effect on future work. Steve continues: “We could not fund the material costs for the installs we had booked for the following week. I spoke to my bank who said that they would be happy to provide an overdraft but it would take 2 -3 weeks to put in place.”

“After a sleepless night I discovered the Ultimate Finance website, applied for a Cash Advance and within 45 minutes it was in my account.”

Business confidence is increasing and we want to help SMEs exploit new opportunities with quick decisions and cash hitting bank accounts quickly where it can do good.

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