Good Funding and Me - part 5

By Yvonne Halliday, Regional Director here at Ultimate Finance

My professional life has been dominated by funding. I’ve worked in corporate funding for a bank, I’ve worked for an independent funder and I was headhunted by a large international accountancy and advisory firm to set up their funding intermediary team.

That’s a lot of funding.

But funding in itself is not particularly interesting. It’s just cash by a different name, lent in a range of different ways, via a range of different channels.

But the thing is, what makes funding interesting, and why I’m excited to have joined Ultimate Finance, is that it’s not really about money at all: it’s about people, their businesses and their lives and the transformative effect that the right funding product with a lender who has a genuine interest in the well-being of the business, can have.

When a client comes to me to discuss cash flow, property finance or a loan, they’re bringing with them not just their own needs but are also shouldering a responsibility to their staff, their families and the families of their staff. Not to mention all those other businesses that they do business with.

 A successful business spreads happiness across a very wide area and so I’ve been determined throughout my career to help customers find the funding solution that will serve them best. Yes I find funding for businesses but I never forget that I am working for people.

I like people. I am an avid networker. I believe that meeting people face to face, striking up a rapport and gaining trust can lead to incredible opportunities. I’ve run networking training sessions for both colleagues and professional contacts and I’m always hearing stories of how good networking skills have helped business owners make exciting breakthroughs, often exceeding their own expectations.

I’m also passionate about encouraging more women into business; there’s been good progress in this area, and Ultimate Finance seem to be doing particularly well in this regard, but there’s still work to be done. I’ve also worked as a mentor for 15 years for The Prince’s Trust, helping and encouraging young people to make their first steps in the business world, a world that can seem distant and unreachable when you’re outside of it.

I suppose this passion for people gives you an idea of the reasons that I recently decided to join Ultimate Finance as Regional Director.

It’s undoubtedly an interesting time with exciting opportunities as well as challenges (or as I like to call them stepping stones to success) for the business and corporate finance sector but what really drew me to Ultimate Finance is the way it places customer satisfaction at the heart of everything it does. The way it talks to business owners to find out what they actually want and need is impressive and is clearly working. I also love the fact that its customer teams are experts in what they do and when a customer phones with a query they can expect honest and knowledgeable advice. That’s hugely valuable.

And it’s why I am raring to go in my new job!

Yvonne Halliday    07811 864216

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