Good Funding and Me - part 4

By our Director of Strategy, Anthony Persse

We’ve all been trapped with that one guest at a party who tells you repeatedly over the course of several hours that they have the best job in the world. Well I’ve a confession to make, I am that person. I really do have the best job in the world. Let me explain why.

My job title at Ultimate Finance is “Director of Business Strategy”, a role that covers a wide range of responsibilities, all of which make me excited about getting up for work each day. Perhaps the most exciting part of my job is that I have a remit to develop new ways of lending money to our customers in the most convenient and useful ways possible.

Our CEO Ron Robson has always been clear that Ultimate Finance exists to get cash to businesses to help them grow, develop and make their contribution to a strong UK economy. We don’t think of ourselves as simply helping businesses but enabling them.

I don’t spend my working week squinting at figures (although I will admit to being partial to a good spreadsheet) but rather I drive around the country talking to business owners about the challenges they face and asking how we could help them.

This approach has the double benefit of keeping me out of the office for long periods at a time (a relief for my colleagues who complain about the standard of my jokes) but far more importantly, it means that we can design our products to meet real business needs, based on actual business experience rather than guesswork.

A good example of this process in action is the Cash Advance product that launched earlier in the year. Designed to meet the perennial challenge of cashflow, which remains the single biggest reason for business failure amongst SMEs, I was told by business owners many times over that they wanted a fuss-free and transparent means of accessing cash in the quickest time possible.

We accepted the challenge, put our heads together and developed the quickest, simplest loans on the market, with a pre-approved amount of cash available to businesses throughout the country.

Of course, I love the fact that we were able to turn this project around so quickly but what really gets me excited is hearing about the businesses that it’s helped; whether it’s a firm that can now negotiate a better price on stock because they can pay up front and in cash or the business that can now plug a gap caused by a late payment and be spared the sleepless nights worrying about it.

This is good funding in action. This is Ultimate Finance doing what it does best and this is why if we ever get chatting at a party, I’m likely to tell you many times over that I have the best job in the world. 

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