Good Funding and Me - part 3

By Richard Waldman, Group Sales Director here at Ultimate Finance

During my career, I’ve had the good fortune to work for a number of big names in the finance industry. I’ve enjoyed my varied roles, met a lot of great people and gained valuable experience that stands me in very good stead for my job today.

However, one of the great pleasures of my role at Ultimate Finance is that although my remit is wide-ranging, it can be distilled into a simple principle: I ensure that our staff are equipped with the skills and knowledge to match the needs of our customers to one of the many products that we have available to help them.

What’s more, I love doing it.

Internally we have a mantra: there is no need to over-complicate what we do. We sell cash to businesses in fair and responsible ways and that’s pretty much the end of it. What we call our different ‘products’ doesn’t really matter all that much as I know that our customers aren’t interested in names. What they are interested in is about what the cash can do for their business.

Labels do have their place, for instance I think our Construction and Recruitment products are the best on the market and their names help attract the relevant customers, but when a customer gets in touch they may not know what they need, let alone what a particular product is called.

This is the point in the process when I start to get very excited because it’s where Ultimate Finance can really set itself apart.

I’ve made it my personal mission to make sure that when a customer contacts us they can speak to someone who’ll first listen to what they need and then be able to advise them on the best ways we can help. This might mean we suggest invoice finance, asset finance or a simple loan. Whatever our recommendation, I am confident the advice our customers are receiving is sound, based on expert knowledge and drawn from our years of experience in the market.

I’m pleased with the progress we’ve made and it’s clear that our breadth of products and experience of delivering these in a professional and flexible manner has really resonated well with our customers. With the growth that we’ve seen we’ve also managed to attract a number of experienced new members to our team which is great – and we’re searching for more!

I believe firmly that in an ever-more crowded marketplace, superb levels of customer service are what sets Ultimate Finance apart from our competitors. Good funding depends on good service. It’s as simple as that.

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