Good Funding and me

By CEO, Ron Robson

Let’s be honest, there’s not a business owner in the land who wakes up in the morning and thinks, “Today, I’d like to find some invoice finance”. What they actually do is wake up and think “Today I want to buy that machine that we need”, or “I’d like to employ two more staff”, or “It’s high time I took my family away on holiday.”

Behind every business decision, there’s a human being trying their best to make the right call.

And this is why I’m so passionate about what we do at Ultimate Finance. We don’t provide ‘funding for businesses’; we lend cash to the people that run them and in doing so we help to make their lives a little bit better.

We know how important easy access to cash can be in creating a healthy business. Cash can, amongst many other things, buy equipment, plug gaps in turnover, invest in stock, hire more staff and help you take on those big jobs that you know you can do.

In turn, a healthy business leads to happy staff and happy staff make better partners, parents and children.

That’s why we use the term ‘good funding’.

What we do is simple. We lend cash. And we do it in a way that’s transparent, fair and useful. We’ve got a number of “products”, but these are just the means of getting cash to our customers in ways that suit their needs. It’s not about the name of a product; it’s about how we can help.

Ultimate Finance exists to serve the needs of our customers. We’ve spent a long time talking to business owners around the country to find out how we can help. We’ve learnt a huge amount and these conversations have directly influenced the products that we offer.

It’s an ongoing process. We believe that our products suit a wide range of business needs but if a customer comes to us and asks for something a bit different, something that fits with the way their business works then we’ll do our very best to help.

As a company, I ensure that Ultimate Finance speaks the same language as our customers. We don’t want to appear remote or fussy. I’m very clear that when you phone us up you can speak to someone who is an expert in their field, someone who can advise you, reassure and support you – whatever it is you need. If you come to us via our website, I want the experience to be simple, accessible and quick.

So you’ll see that for us “good funding” is more than a phrase we like to use; it’s the reason why we all come to work every morning.


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