Building a sparkling new business

By Debbie Timmin, Director, Love My Cleaner

I’m delighted to be invited by Ultimate Finance to write a blog about my business; it’s great to see an independent lender championing UK SMEs and celebrating the spirit of entrepreneurship.

The path to setting up my own business came about from my love of cleaning. Anyone who knows me knows that I have always been obsessive about cleaning my home (if hoovering twice a day is obsessive?) But it was the sudden death of my dad in January 2016 that made me see our time in life is a lot shorter than we realise.

Based on this, I decided it was now or never to have a go at actually running my own cleaning business. So Love My Cleaner began, offering bespoke home cleaning services in Rochdale, Oldham, Bury and surrounding areas.

Doing what I love

It’s already been a great journey. I love having the freedom to make my own decisions and getting to work with some awesome, inspiring people - and to top it off I have a wonderful variety of lovely customers.

However, the best thing about running your own business is the flexibility – a better work/life balance and the ability to spend more time with my family (the most important thing in my life). 

It’s also great to be involved with organisations such as Small Business Saturday who are there to lend a hand and shine the spotlight on our small ventures. I am really honoured to be included on this year’s Small Biz 100 list, which highlights 100 of the most inspiring or successful small businesses in the UK.

It’s not always easy

As a small or new businesses (in my case it’s both) we are only too aware of how difficult it can be to gain any traction against the marketing might of the bigger more established brands. In this respect the Small Business Saturday team are an excellent way to crank up the volume in a noisy marketplace!

Despite all the positives, it can also be a scary and lonely process starting your own business and working for yourself but I have found some great mentors and support through networking, and by being part of Small Business Saturday you realise you are most definitely not alone and every business owner faces challenges of their own.

A common challenge for new start-ups is funding, of course. Self-funding is my preferred choice because then I know I’m only stretching myself within my limits. When it comes to seeking advice on running my own company, I often turn to fellow business owners; we’re all in the same boat so there is lots we can learn from each other.

Looking to the future

As for the future, I would love to grow my team and for my business to be known as the “go to” in our chosen locations and market sector. I’d like to clean up, you might say!

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