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"We have to find the money to pay wages and suppliers long before the main contactor settles our Applications for Payment, which creates constant cashflow challenges. The Ultimate arrangement, which is affordable and easy to manage, bridges that gap and takes the pressure off. It’s also confidential – the main contractor doesn’t know about it."


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It’s an innovative product developed exclusively by Ultimate Finance to support the growth aspirations of first tier subcontractors by helping them overcome the cashflow problems that are endemic in the industry.

It’s a very bespoke facility that funds Uncertified Applications for Payment on a fully confidential basis up to £3,000,000.  The facility is suitable for established first tier sub-contractors across all trades provided you have a positive tangible net worth, are profitable and your turnover is over £500,000.


how it works...

SEND US YOUR applications

When you raise an Application for Payment just send us a copy.




We can advance you a percentage of the money tied up in that Uncertified Application the next working day.




You receive the full amount of the Application minus a fee to cover administration and interest.


  • Cash advance at the point of raising an Uncertified Application for Payment.
  • Ensures regular cashflow - take on future contracts without over-stretching.
  • Totally confidential – main contactor unaware of our involvement.
  • Negotiate better terms with suppliers.
  • Complete cost transparency of pricing and prepayment percentages with no hidden extras.
  • Live access to your account information 24/7 - accurate real time information that shows how much funding is available.

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