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"I just wanted a business loan for a few months, without having to go through the usual protracted application process. It was really quick and easy – I just put in the amount I needed and then chose a loan period that made the repayments manageable."


business growth
Looking to grow
Don’t let lack of ready cash hold your business back – we have a variety of options to help you seize every opportunity.
new contracts
Requiring cash to covernew contracts
Changing up a gear to handle extra business can severely strain your cashflow – we offer a range of attractive solutions.
future planning notepad
Planning for The Future
Expect the unexpected - we can put cashflow solutions in place so that you are well prepared for the ups and downs.
outstanding bills
Difficulty paying Outstanding bills
Every business finds itself in this situation from time to time – and we can move fast to help you out in a tight spot.

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It’s an innovative online platform that lets you arrange short term business loans without all the usual frustrations.  There’s no need for all the traditional paperwork, meetings and phone calls.  Once you’ve selected the amount you want to borrow and the repayment period, then added a few details about your business, you’ll get a decision without delay.    Once the loan is approved you could have the money in your account within a few hours – business loans have never been so quick and simple to organise!

Is an Ultimate Business Cash loan suitable for your needs?

If you want to arrange a short term business loan with the minimum fuss and delay, at competitive rates of interest, then the answer is “yes”.  Whether you need a short term injection of cash to grow your business, to buy stock, purchase a vehicle, hire more staff or just to fill a temporary gap in your cashflow, we make it quick, easy and affordable to obtain a business loan that suits your needs.

How do our business loans work?

Forget meetings, paperwork and phone calls – just go to www.ultimatebusinesscash.co.uk and set the business loan up yourself.


how it works...


step 1

Select the size of business loan you want – up to £50,000.  Then select the length of time you want the business loan for – up to 52 weeks.  The system immediately calculates the amount you’ll have to repay each week.  Or, if you have a repayment figure in mind we'll build your calculation around that.

Then click, ‘Apply Now’.



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step 2

Complete a simple online business loan application. If your application is approved, or declined, you’ll receive swift confirmation.  Occasionally we may need to refer your application to an underwriter.



customer paid invoice

step 3

Once the business loan is approved the fees and weekly repayments will be clearly stated and you could have the money in your account within a few hours.

The agreed weekly re-payments will be taken from the appropriate bank account for the duration of the loan.


what are the benefits of a business loan from ULTIMATE BUSINESS CASH


  • Flexible – you select the amount and the repayment period you want, or you start with the size of weekly repayment you feel you can afford.  You are in control and can tailor everything to your needs.
  • Affordable – we’re a responsible lender and our charges are very competitive.  Our analytical tools enable us to swiftly judge what repayments you can comfortably manage.
  • Swift – you get an instant quote followed by a decision without delay.  The funds could be in your account as soon as an hour after approval.
  • Transparent – clear and simple charging structure with an open and honest description of our trading methods.
  • Easy - simple and quick online application with no paperwork, meetings or phone calls. 
  • Responsible - no charges or trading practices that could be considered irresponsible.  We are responsible lenders who are approved partners of The British Business Bank.  


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